Wild Crossings - Animals on the Move

Nature & Wildlife 52' 2023 HD

Deer, roe deer and wild boar jump in front of cars, toads wander across the asphalt and insects stick to windshields. Many animal species cross our roads on their migration routes. Animals often die in these collisions, but thousands of people are also injured and up to twenty drivers die every year in Germany alone as a result of wildlife accidents. Our ever expanding network of roads is threatening the survival of many species in multiple ways. Because they not only kill, they cut up habitats. This isolation can lead to genetic impoverishment. Are there any solutions to these problems?

Road planners and conservationists are trying to minimize losses among different wildlife species and reconnect disjointed habitats. Green bridges and toad tunnels are created, bat bridges, squirrel ropes, catwalks for otters or a deer radar with high-tech solution are also tried out.

For the first time, this nature film documentary shows the successes and failures of various measures to ensure that wild animals can cross roads safely. Hidden video traps and observations lasting several months have revealed astonishing insights into the behavior of wild animals on roads. Just as entertaining as it is exciting, this film tells a previously unnoticed problem in our environment.

Produced by

Längengrad Filmproduktion


English, French, German


WDR, Arte

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