A is for Aardvark - Searching for Africa's Most Elusive Animal

Destinations, Nature & Wildlife 52' 2016 HD

Have you ever heard of the Aardvark?! A medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammal native to Africa. The only living species of the order Tubulidentata. A mythical animal and mythological trickster to many African cultures. The African jackalope? No?.. It does exist! The Aardvark is considered the most difficult animal to see in any given national park in Africa. Today, even the best of trackers don't come across the Aardvark often. Not bad for an animal the size of an average human adolescent: 60 kg, 1,4m high, up to 2,2m long. We hear of this strange mammal, get all excited and embark on a road trip. Our journey leads us into the Karoo, the vast interior desert of South Africa - and heart of Aardvark country. We encounter scientists, game hunters, a taxidermist, artists, hotel owners, trackers, wildlife guides, farmers and traditional healers - and with every encounter we find out more about the elusive animal until we finally find the Aardvark.

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ZDF, arte

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