The Art of Preserving Art

Culture & Art, Science 3 x 52' 2009 HD

What to do with works of art and cultural goods that have come to our days to preserve them and be able to leave them as inheritance to future generations?

New factors of risk, such as atmospheric pollution, acid rain, chemical products and new pollutant materials put in risk their health and force to develop and apply the most modern methods and technology in order to stabilize these "patients", treat and restore them so they will last for centuries. From archaic documents, medieval manuscripts, big cathedrals, monasteries and palaces, collections of Roman glass, big altarpieces, to funeral pre-Colombian jars, the fold of the Quimbaya people, the iron of primitive cultures and mosaics made in America from bird feathers, and ending in the art of celluloid and the diverse materials of all contemporary arts "The Art of Preserving Art" follows the hospital processes which keep our cultural inheritance alive.

1. Revealing Our Memory
2. Trails and Sparkles
3. Scenes of History

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