Banquet of the Beasts - The Cycle of Life

Nature & Wildlife, Science 52' 2020 4K

What happens when an animal perishes in the depth of the forest? Who clears up the remains? Why aren’t we surrounded by carcasses? After all, death is a constant and universal visitor.
Science is on the trail of a macabre challenge: to dissect in detail what happens to dead animals in the wild. Every death means life for zillions of other living organisms: it is the initiator of a complex cycle we all depend upon. But despite its importance, we know relatively little about the animals that move in after a body has died, the organisms that radically change the body’s chemistry, and the plants that recycle the valuable nutrients contained in every carcass.
A film about life after death.

Produced by

Marco Polo Film


English, German, French


BR, arte

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