Science 2 x 52' 2023 4K

The two-part series offers a captivating exploration of Scandinavia's dramatic seasonal shifts. In Episode 1, viewers are immersed in the polar night, where the sun barely graces the horizon. From the depths of winter to the return of the eternal sun, the film showcases how inhabitants, both human and animal, adapt to extreme conditions. While the lack of light can disrupt internal rhythms, Finnish light researchers shed light on the profound impact of light on metabolism. Despite the harsh conditions, Arctic wildlife, from reindeer to polar bears, demonstrates remarkable resilience, using thick fur and sophisticated adaptations to thrive. Yet, amidst the icy landscapes, there is also a sense of rest and preparation for the Arctic summer, when the sun reigns for almost 24 hours. In Episode 2, the series transitions to Midsummer's Day, marking the longest day of the year. Celebrations abound, including a film festival under the midnight sun in Finland. As daylight lingers, wildlife revels in an abundance of food, yet also faces challenges unique to the polar day. From the peak of summer to the onset of autumn, the film traces the interplay of light and life in the Nordic countries. As the north descends into the polar night once more, the auroras illuminate the skies, showcasing the enduring power of the sun in one of Earth's most captivating displays.

Join us on a mesmerizing journey through the changing seasons of the North, where light and life intertwine in a breathtaking symphony of nature's rhythms.

Produced by

Marco Polo Film


English, French, German


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