Bestiary - A Shepherd's Legacy

Nature & Wildlife 47' 2022 4K

Once our ancestors had abandoned the hunter-gatherer way of life after discovering agriculture and their nomadic camps had been transformed into sedentary communities, we humans gradually lost the close contact we had with nature and the animal species that accompany us on this fabulous journey called life.

Nevertheless, not all men and women set down roots in the earth. Shepherds continued to wander in search of fresh pasturelands to feed their flocks. Few artifacts remain to tell us about those tough men who worked in the natural landscape and acquired deep knowledge of the world around them. During the long hours of solitude next to their herds, the most skillful of them created unique and fascinating objects of everyday use, some of them quite beautiful.

As if it were a field notebook, this lovely bestiary offers us an opportunity to learn about the surroundings in which a humble shepherd lived, more than one hundred years ago. A world that we invite you to explore, where the frontier between the domesticated and the wild is hard to distinguish.

Produced by

Planet Alive Films


English, Neutral Spanish



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