Land of the Far North

Nature & Wildlife 2 x 52' or 1 x 90' 2020 4K

The polar region – where eternal light and everlasting darkness take turns to challenge all animal and plant life, making this region one of the most extreme environments on the planet.Above the arctic circle, the winter nights last for months, seemingly bringing all life to a halt and making way for bitterly cold winds to sweep the barren landscape. But at second glance, this inhospitable region is home to remarkably resilient animals and plants that have evolved to survive and even thrive in such harsh conditions. They have developed truly unique survival techniques to endure perpetual darkness. And they have learnt to really seize the polar day as soon as the sun rises above the horizon and covers the landscape with a warm, long-lasting light. In this two-part series, covering both polar day and night, we follow the paths of its inhabitants as they lead us through rugged landscapes full of extreme contrasts and magnificent beauty.

Produced by

Marco Polo Film


English, German, Neutral Spanish



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