Sudden Silence - How Animals Reclaim a World in Lockdown

Nature & Wildlife, Science 52' 2023 4K

When human outdoor life came to a sudden halt during Covid’s lockdown, it seemed as if the time for nature’s reclamation of water, land and air had arrived. Penguins ventured for a walk on the streets of Cape Town. Nocturnal animals could be observed in broad daylight. Whales, undisturbed by the noise of ship engines, started to roam larger territories, finally able to communicate across much longer distances.

While nature and wildlife have at least temporarily profited largely from the global slowdown, its downside is felt by city dwellers like crows, that have suddenly found their reliable food source of trash cans to be empty. Presenting in-depth research of scientists from all over the world, this documentary reveals how animals have conquered deserted spaces, how their behavior has changed during and after the lockdown and what conclusions can be drawn for a peaceful and increasingly closer coexistence of humans and wildlife.

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In One Media


English, German, French


arte, MDR

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