Hunters of the Skies

Nature & Wildlife 52' 2018 HD

Birds of prey are symbols of power, speed and splendour. In fact, there are very few species in the animal kingdom that can be described in as many superlatives. Their amazing use of different senses, their incredible feats of flight as well as their multitude of different hunting strategies are simply astounding. Hawks, buzzards and eagles have conquered every habitat on earth - from the dry arid south, to the cool and moist river valleys, to the coasts of Norway, all the way up to the sparse high mountains. Some of them, like the incredibly versatile hawk, can even hunt in the forest. Their literal eagle eye vision is unrivaled in the animal kingdom. All birds of prey sustain themselves through hunting, and they do so elegantly and, it seems, with effortless beauty and efficiency. This is one of many reasons why they are much admired, even romanticised, by many cultures. Buckle up and join us on this aerial adventure with spectacular insights into this amazing world of birds of prey.

Produced by

Jürgen Eichinger Film


English, German, French


BR, arte

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