Knock, Knock - A Woodpecker's World

Nature & Wildlife 43' 2022 HD

They knock, carpenter, drum. Woodpeckers are the greatest builders in the bird world. No matter whether they are pileated, green or blackthey hammer out more cavities than they need themselves, to the benefit of tits, stock doves, pygmy owls, red squirrels and other cavity dwellers. Also for love: to win over mates, woodpeckers drum at the highest frequency. And in their search for the greatest resonance, they sometimes knock on metal!

The housing market in the forest is highly competitive, but when it comes to choosing a place to live, great spotted woodpeckers are open to new adventures. Woodpecker holes in insulated house facades cause not only displeasure among homeowners but also arguments among animal squatters: Is this room still free?

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Capricornum Film


English, German, French


MDR, arte, SWR

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