Good News from Planet Earth

Mission Earth 6 x 52' 2023 HD

Climate crisis, pandemic, destruction of nature – newspapers, internet and television seem to only bring bad news. Yet, there are people and projects all over the world who are doing a lot to improve conditions. Scientists and engineers are looking for climate and environmentally friendly solutions, visionaries are founding sustainable startups, corporations are rethinking, citizens are getting involved in countless projects, not to mention the organizations that have been working to protect nature and the environment for years. This series focuses on them and their encouraging solutions. 

The GOOD NEWS FROM PLANET EARTH series provides information in the spirit of constructive journalism and thus deliberately sets a different tone than usual reporting. We don’t want to give the impression of ‘good news’ where there isn’t any. But we want to take up the widespread prejudice that “you can’t do anything” and take a closer look. We complement the picture of the state of the world with positive examples.


- Guardians of the Woodlands

- Cultivating Tomorrow's Earth

- Urban Metamorphosis

- Wildlife Revival

- Nature's Reawakening

- Conserving Earth's Legacy


Produced by

Längengrad Filmproduktion


English, French, German


BR, arte

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