Burrow Buddies - A European Ground Squirrel Story

Nature & Wildlife 43' 2024 4K

European ground squirrels need a special environment: a clear view to spot enemies in time, sandy soil to dig their burrows and space for their colonies to grow. These conditions are also important for other creatures and so they share their habitat with field hamsters, warthogs, sawflies and many others. Welcome to the ground squirrel cosmos! European ground squirrels can only be found in a few places in Europe, for example in Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. They are increasingly found in the vicinity of humans. Here they are confronted with the danger of dogs or cats but are spoiled with food by passers-by. But for some, civilization is their downfall - they have to cross roads to find new territories. Many ground squirrels die in the process. So far, very little is known about these little squirrels. A research colony near Prague has been providing information about the "language" of ground squirrels, but also about their state of health and how they manage to survive eight to nine months a year without food in their burrows in the ground. It is important to know as much as possible about these animals and their "cosmos" in order to be able to ensure their survival.

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