We Are the Wild

Nature & Wildlife 52' or 85' 2023 4K

Biodiversity is fundamental to human life on Earth, yet it is being lost at a faster rate than ever before. Since 1970, population sizes of mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles have dropped over seventy percent on average. Protecting the existing biodiversity hubs and native landscapes is no longer enough. We must do more. Under the motto Guardians... not gardeners, a new generation of landowners aims to create a global patchwork of wildlife arks that allow biodiversity to return and native beauty to flourish once again.

We Are the Wild is a beautiful blue-chip wildlife documentary showing how challenged, neglected, and abused patches of land are turned back into sanctuaries and biodiversity hotspots. Following our selected guardians through the first three years of planning, digging, planting, and reviving, this film will show how easily we can give back to nature and how profoundly small actions can change the world. Together, we will see beauty and wilderness return to these places that were temporarily destroyed from human disregard.

Produced by

New Decade, Pier to Pier Media, SEETREE





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