The Remarkable Hand - From Touch to Triumph

Science 50' 2023 4K

Our hands, composed of 27 intricate bones, are astonishingly versatile. Despite the prevalence of computers and cell phones, their fine motor skills and sensory prowess remain unparalleled. We often only truly appreciate their value when accidents occur or illnesses strike. Hands can lift, grip, write with precision, or gracefully glide across piano keys. At the German Sports University in Cologne, Ingo Froböse's team pioneers scientific research into e-sports athletes' hand and finger skills, exploring ways to enhance these abilities. Hands also function as sensory organs, aiding visually impaired individuals in their daily lives. The fingertips house numerous sensory receptors, making them highly sensitive. The film delves into the world of prosthetic advancements, aiming to restore full finger function to those who have lost their hands due to accidents or amputation.

The documentary follows children in the intricate process of learning to write, observes a seasoned pianist's exquisite motor skills, and reveals the remarkable intersection of hands and the brain within milliseconds.

Produced by

Marco Polo Film


English, German



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