Ocean's Monopoly - How Nations Use Science to Conquer the Sea

Science 52' 2016 HD

Who owns the oceans? They are human heritage. But this could change soon. Countries with coastlines already claim huge portions of the sea. So far around 10%, absolutely legally. But this is just the beginning. Geologists are hired by those countries to prove their ownership. A scientific race has started. 'Ocean's Monopoly' is a crime-thriller starring a small group of geologists who help us to uncover the backgrounds in a global fight for territories. The results of their research decide who will own the oceans. This makes them the most powerful scientists on the planet. How objective can they be when economic and strategic interests are at stake? Then a whistleblower shows up, a mighty geologist who changed sides. While we're peeling the onion, new questions emerge until we finally discover the core of the big game.

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German, English, French


ZDF, arte

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