Night in the Forest

Nature & Wildlife 43' or 49' 2024 4K

First time filmmakers Clemens Keck and Tom Horak show what happens in a Central European spruce forest at night, presenting the animals' fantastic adaptations to the dark and explaining their dependencies on each other.

„Night in the Forest" describes what boreal owls, yellow-necked mice, black woodpeckers and wood ants have to do with each other and shows how the animals of the night deal with the ever-shorter nights, from the longest to the shortest night of the year. 

A spruce forest is not only the realm of trees, but also a world of animals. When it gets dark in the forest, we humans leave this place, which often seems eerie to us, and make our way home. We are not made for the dark. Our senses fail us when night falls. In contrast to the nocturnal forest dwellers, they communicate with sounds, orientate themselves with ultrasound and their often huge-looking eyes are perfect for orientation in the jungle of trees. 

Produced by

nautilusfilm GmbH


English, French, German


SWR, arte

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