Loire - The Wild Land

Nature & Wildlife 52' 2022 HD

In the Pays de la Loire, the balance of our ecosystems is disrupted and threatens the survival of several species, the migration of salmon and the metamorphosis of the magnificent death's-head hawkmoth (Acherontia atropos). Invasive species such as the Louisiana crayfish or the xenopus frog have taken advantage of this disruption to settle and compete with protected local species.

But whether they are naturalists or laymen, a few women and men are transforming their practices and allowing the return of species that we feared we lost. Helped along by these individuals, nature is adapting, fighting to survive. 

This film is an invitation: walk through the vineyards, dive into the underwater jungles and fly with the greylag geese to rediscover the Loire, the wild land.

Produced by

Nomades TV


English, French


France 3

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