Grizzly Encounters with Chris Morgan

Nature & Wildlife 2 x 52' 2018 4K

Grizzly bears – up to 2.5 metres tall with top weights of 550 kilos, equipped with sharp claws and predators’ jaws to match. We’ve all heard stories of aggressive bear attacks and close encounters … but what are brown bears really like? Renowned bear biologist Chris Morgan is passionate about uncovering their true nature and has studied them for years. In this stunning two-part documentary, Chris is on the trail of the brown bears on the Katmai Coast in Alaska, where he can get closer to them than anywhere else to witness their social lives and survival techniques in intimate detail, revealing a surprisingly sensitive, tolerant, even tender side to the imposing Grizzly.

Offering entertaining and informative insights, Chris commentates the bears’ behaviour and explains the peculiarities of Katmai’s unique habitat and its impact on the local population of grizzlies. Always close to the action, his passion for bears shines through and guides us through an engaging and gripping narrative, packed with surprises and intimate bear moments. The two episodes – The Hunger Challenge and The Private Life of Bears – focus on different central aspect of the bears’ lives, from survival to social life, and together provide a rounded, gripping and visually stunning insight into the unusual lives of the Katmai bears.

1. The Hunger Challenge
2. The Private Life of Bears

Produced by

Marco Polo Film


German, English, French


BR, WDR, arte

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