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More Awards for 'On Thin Ice' and 'Queen without Land'

19 October 2020

'Queen without Land' is still going strong winning awards like at the NatureTrack Film Festival as Best Feature Film in the category Adventure. Congratulations to the director Asgeir Helgestad!

The Czech EKOFILM Festival also took place last weekend and 'On Thin Ice' won the award for Best Central European Film.

Here is what the jury had to say: “An engaging film On Thin Ice depicts the beautiful natural landscape of Russian Siberia as well as the alarming climatic changes in this vast area. In an accurate way, it links beautiful camerawork with unique shots made from drones. In the film, scientists and filmmakers were able to get into places that had been inaccessible for tens of years,” says the member of the jury Martin Čech. “The jury would like to point out that this film shows a relatively unknown part of our planet that might hold an important key to the survival of humankind,” adds another member of the jury, Michael Havas.

Congratulations to Altayfilm as well!

On Thin Ice Queen without Land