Wild Argentina - Land of Extremes

Nature & Wildlife 3 x 50' or 1 x 90' 2023 4K

Argentina is the ultimate land of extremes. 

The eighth largest country in the world, Argentina boasts a subtropical north, a polar south, a rainforested east, and a mountainous west... with pampas, savannas and deserts in between. It also has the highest and lowest points in the Americas, along with nearly 5,000 kilometers of rugged coastline. 

Whether right whales, penguins or sea lions - many marine creatures are drawn to Argentina's shores to give birth to their young. From their very first breath, it's all about one thing for the little ones: survival. Orcas hunt for young sea lions with a special technique while seagulls engage in merciless aerial attacks on baby whales. Meanwhile, extraordinary underwater images of Argentina’s kelp forests show the hidden world beneath the ocean’s surface.

From sea level we travel to the highest mountain of the Americas. At 7,000 Meters, Aconcagua is the highest peak of the longest mountain chain on earth, the Andes. In the harsh and hostile environment of the Altiplano only a few hardy species manage to survive. The terrain is rugged and parched. The air is thin. And predators lurk. A female puma stalks a valley in search of guanaco, while a tarantula defends itself against a hungry armadillo. In Argentina's breathtaking, imposing mountain wilderness, every day is a fight for survival. 

But Argentina’s wild spaces are more than just hostile and difficult. They can be rich and plentiful as well. Water shapes northern Argentina, creating a paradise for unique wildlife. The Iguazú Falls is the greatest waterfall system on earth, and the wetlands of Iberá are the second largest wetlands on the planet. Whether it's sooty swifts swooping through a waterfall’s cascade, frogs glowing in the dark, cute coati families in the undergrowth, or mighty anacondas on the prowl, Argentina's wetlands are a biodiversity hotspot…, but they are also fragile. Fires threaten this unique ecosystem.

Shot in splendid 4K/8K and using the whole arsenal of modern film-making techniques, from night cameras, high-speed cameras, time-lapse photography, and extreme macro lenses, the film reveals the intimate and dramatic stories of each ecosystem’s most fascinating array of animals. The German-Argentinian team of cameramen, directors, and scientists invested many months in the field to capture some truly astonishing animal behavior. 

The result? A fireworks display of images in celebration of nature in one of the most amazing countries on this planet. 


01. Dangerous Waters

02. Land of Survivors

03. Land of Water

Produced by

Light & Shadow, Jumara Films


English, French, German


ARD, WDR, National Geographic, NDR, arte, ORF

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