Webs & Wings – Nature's Tiny Ballet

Nature & Wildlife 3x52' 2023 4K

When much-awaited spring is finally here, nature in Provence, deafened by winter, reveals itself in an explosion of warm melodies. Little creatures emancipate themselves from their winter hiding places, some crawling, others flying or weaving. In the course of one season, let's discover a swarming, buzzing and communicating reality as close as it is foreign and incomprehensible to us, organized into societies far more evolved than we could possibly imagine – The world of bugs.

They bring life to meadows, revive the essence of our forests, purify gardens and vegetable patches and are, above all, indispensable. This series follows the lives of three of them: the unloved fly, our discreet pollinator swept away by an ungrateful hand; the beautiful rounded ladybug, our mercenary of gardens and vegetable patches; and finally the bewitching spider, which fascinates as much as it terrifies.

Delivery of English series planned for summer 2023

Produced by

Flair Production


English, French, German


arte, France Télévisions

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