The Secret Network of Animals

Nature & Wildlife, Science 52' or 43' 2022 4K

Long before the internet connected the world, our planet developed a complex system of knowledge that united all living creatures – a secret network of animals. Scientists are only just bringing this invisible network to light, gathering fascinating insights into how migratory animals interact with and rely on complex ecosystems to navigate vast distances and ensure their survival – and what this signifies for us humans in a shared habitat.

The documentary follows research projects all around the world in an attempt to reveal the secrets that shape animals’ lives and behavior, investigating how their journeys can warn us about natural disasters like volcano eruptions and earthquakes, anticipate significant environmental changes, help us predict the spread of pandemics and ultimately, lead us to better understand our planet and answer the crucial global questions of our time.

Delivery planned for end of 2022

Produced by

Filmtank, CONTEXT-FILM, Galafilm


English, German



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