The Danube

Culture & Art, Destinations 4 x 45' 2020 HD

The Danube - a truly European river. With its 2888 kilometres from its source in the Black Forest to its mouth in the Black Sea, the Danube connects ten countries with very different cultures. The Danube is therefore not only the second longest European river after the Volga, but also the most international river in the world. It was and is one of the most important trade routes in Europe and forms the lifeline for many people. On its way it flows through spectacular landscapes, from the karst mountains of the Swabian Alb, through alluvial and marshland landscapes with unique flora and fauna, to the imposing canyons of the Iron Gates and finally the extensive river delta at its mouth into the Black Sea. Not only the size of the Danube is exceptional, it also has a will of its own and is the only major river in Europe that flows from west to east. This film series presents nature and people along the Danube and gives insights into their different lives that are shaped by the river.

1. From its Source to Linz
2. From the Wachau to Hungary
3. From Budapest to Belgrade
4. From the Iron Gates to the Black Sea

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