Surfing Hippos - Big Bellies at the Beach (WT)

Nature & Wildlife 52' 2024-2025 4K

Somewhere along an unspoiled and wild coastline, big bellies roam the beach. A place where nobody is watching or judging and body shape doesn’t really matter. Welcome to Gabon, Africa‘s living Eden. On the western coast of Africa, Gabon is in a prime position for abundance of natural beauty, holding one of the highest densities of wildlife in the world. A perfect place for wild beach goers, thick and thin. And it won’t be human sun-worshippers spread across the white paradise sands that you'll see, but one of the most mystical beach visitors ever: the hippos! The giant mammals have been known to wade into the sea and body surf their way back to the shore. Gabon is also the only place on Earth where you can see elephants – another big belly – strolling around, swimming and frolicking in the ocean. And if that wasn't strange enough, there's also a good chance of seeing gorillas and forest buffalos roaming along the beach... A truly mystical part of Africa.

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