Save the Wild

Mission Earth, Nature & Wildlife 3 x 52' or 3 x 44' 2023 4K

Biodiversity loss is one of the most alarming catastrophes in the world today. How can humans preserve the last invaluable areas of wilderness of the earth and with it the diversity of species?

The three-part documentary series provides answers to one of the most urgent questions at present, by documenting fascinating animal worlds in breathtaking landscapes. From the rearing of endangered species in special protection zones and rescue operations for animals in extinction to established and highly biodiverse protected areas, the series takes us around the globe to showcase new but already functioning solutions founded on the intelligent strategies of not only scientists, but rangers, zoo managers and locals working closely together.

A call for action, raising awareness on how to preserve the mesmerizing wild paradises left on earth, or even reclaim the ones which have already been lost.

1. The Ark Principle
2. Mission Wilderness
3. Paradise Salvation

Produced by

ApolloFilm, Filmtank


English, German, French



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