Portugal - Europe's Wild West

Nature & Wildlife 52' or 44' 2020 4K

Picture a land where rugged, frosty peaks drain into an array of cascading waterfalls. Where wolf packs prowl around herds of ancient wild horses, and tree-climbing carnivores keep entire forests on edge. This is a place where survival is reserved for those with the keenest senses… and the quickest draw.

This is the Wild West – Europe’s Wild West.

This captivating documentary tells the story of the continent’s remote, southwestern edge. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains to the North, the rocky Atlantic coastline to its West, and the hot, sandy beaches of the Algarve Coast to its South, Portugal’s wild places have survived largely secluded from the rest of the world. This isolated corner of Europe reveals a stunning variety of creatures across a surprising diversity of landscapes.

Produced by

Light & Shadow


English, German


WDR, NDR, National Geographic

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