Globalicious - The Story of Sushi, Falafel, Hamburger and Pizza

Culture & Art, Destinations 4 x 43' 2008 SD

Globalicious' is a television format that combines elements from informative broadcasts, travelogues and cooking shows in an entertaining way. Each episode focuses on the typical na-tional dish of a particular continent or culture: American hamburgers, Italian pizza, Japanese sushi, or the falafel of Israel and the Arab countries – these dishes shed light on the kitchens and pantries of the globalized world.

Using the ingredients and preparation methods of a given dish as a starting point, we set out to discover the preferences and origins of the cuisine of the respective continent, in pursuit of the answer to the question, 'How healthy is the nation's favorite dish? And why is it so popular there, and not elsewhere?'

Produced by

Taglicht Media


English, German



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