Europe's Highlands

Destinations, Nature & Wildlife 4 x 52' 2022 HD

Europe’s highlands ranges are experiencing a boom. For years they have been overlooked, but at a time of high interest in sustainable tourism, people are coming to realise that some of the most rewarding holiday destinations are right on their doorstep. The low mountain landscapes, and their unique appeal, are being rediscovered. The documentary series takes us on a cinematic journey across Europe and encounters a surprisingly diverse flora and fauna. 

Travel across rolling hills, grassy moorlands, spectacular river valleys and expansive forests to discover the stunning landscapes of Europe's low mountain ranges. Experience the unique wildlife the highlands are home to, such as the wood grouse, wolf, lynx, beaver, red kite, eastern imperial eagle or the endangered black vulture, and meet the locals working to preserve it.

The Ardennes, Belgium
The Black Mountains, Wales
The Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain
The Hunsrück, Germany

Produced by

Berlin Producers


English, German, French


rbb, arte

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