Cruising the Baltic Sea - A Summer on the Water

Destinations 5 x 52' 2019 HD

Each year, like Viking boats or the ships of the Hanseatic League before them, a new kind of crusaders approach coastal landscapes of the Baltic Sea. They cruise the sea to discover the roots of European civilization. Since the end of the Cold War and the opening up of Eastern Europe, more and more tourists have embarked on long cruises through the Baltic Sea, one of the youngest seas on the globe - created after the last ice age. They are fascinated by well-preserved city castles, picturesque archipelagos, wide and unspoilt landscapes, dreamy villages, historic trade metropolises and endless sandy beaches. This series combines the spectacular beauty of Baltic coastal landscapes with exclusive insights into life on board a cruise ship. It makes the highlights of nature and impressive cities accessible to the viewer by meeting locals who have extraordinary lives and who invite us into their home.

The journey across the summery Baltic Sea starts in Sweden and continues via Finland and Saint Petersburg to the Baltic States. Parallel to the route at sea and the large port cities the spectator discovers exciting stations on land. Landscapes tell their story. Heart-warming everyday stories of the people on land who live and work here make the real peculiarity of this world tangible. They "ground" the sailor's perspective and show the extraordinary landscape with all its beauty, its "exoticism" and the daily challenges of its inhabitants.

Produced by

Taglicht Media


English, German


ZDF, arte

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