Nature & Wildlife 52' 2023 4K

We often see bears as dangerous, aggressive and somewhat dull. But are bears all bad, or is there a lot more to the bear than meets the eye? 
This remarkable film reveals the challenges bears must overcome, to show just what amazing survivors they are. From spending half their lives in a troubled, hungry sleep, only to hunt ingeniously for food during the remaining time. 
From the Arctic, where giant polar bears go without a meal for months on end, to the fishful coasts of the Pacific Ocean, where brown bears patiently hold out until a „tsunami" of sockeye salmon finally hits their home lake in a volcanic caldera. But good times don’t last long. Feasting on fish for weeks, they are now driven to attack their own. 
And in the enigmatic forests of the Sea of Japan, the Asiatic black bear may find itself pursued by a deadly foe – the tiger.

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English, French, German


MDR, arte

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