America's Forgotten Heart - On Horseback Through the Wild West

Culture & Art, Destinations 5 x 43' 2016 HD

With long-rider and survival expert ‘Hawk’ and cinema actress Marie Bäumer we cross the country on unspoiled trails all the way from the Mexican to the Canadian border, from the Canyons in the Southwest over the giant mountain massif of the Rocky Mountains up to the Great Plains in the North. Crossing eight states, 4000 miles on horseback, Marie and Hawk travel the trails many of which date back to the days of the old explorers, experiencing the country in a unique way, far away from roads, on their search for the “spirit of the West”. The series unites the adventure of a discovery journey on horseback with emotional and cultural stories along the way.

Produced by

Westend Film & TV Produktion


English, German


arte, ZDF

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