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Wrapping up Award Season with 4 awards at Natourale Film Festival

9 December 2022

As the year is drawn to a close and we celebrate such a properous time replete of so many new and wonderful programs, Natourale Film Festival (December 1 - 4, 2022) has just graced 7 Albatross films with well-deserved awards and honorable mentions. We couldn't hope for a better Christmas present!

Best Travel Feature
The Beach - Wildlife around the Parasol (Marco Polo Film)

Best Director
Ode to Nature (Nautilusfilm)

Best Ornithological Film
Superbirds - The Secret Life of Tits (Altayfilm)

Best Camera
Wild Horses - A Tale from the Puszta (Wild Tales / Zoltan Török) 

Honorable Mentions
Knock Knock - A Woodpecker's World (Capricornum Film) 
Jewels of the Alps - Lake Como (Marco Polo Film AG)
They came to Stay - Parakeets (Marco Polo Film AG)

Congratulations to all the teams involved!

Jewels of the Alps - Italy's Great Lakes Knock, Knock - A Woodpecker's World Ode to Nature Superbirds - The Secret Life of Tits The Beach - Wildlife Around the Parasol They Came to Stay - Our Alien Animal Neighbours Wild Horses - A Tale from the Puszta