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Three Awards for Films from our Catalogue at Matsalu Nature Film Festival

23 September 2020

Recently the 18th edition of the famous Matsalu Nature Film Festival took place in Estonia. We are proud to announce that GOING NUTS - TALES FROM THE SQUIRREL WORLD and THE MEADOW - PARADISE LOST? won a total of three awards.

The Special Jury Prize in the Nature category went to THE MEADOW - PARADISE LOST? Here is what the jury had to say about the film:

It’s a beautifully informative film close to all Estonians. It portrays meadows and its species that are still in existence. But for how long? We see what happens on the meadows and why it’s important to preserve them. The film broadens our horizons, provides exciting facts and shows both beauty and the drama of Nature.

On top of that, THE MEADOW was awarded the Special Prize of Matsalu National Park.

GOING NUTS - TALES FROM THE SQUIRREL WORLD recieved the award for Best Cinematography in the Nature category with much praise from the international jury:

The film consists of a number of skilfully used camera angles and complicated techniques, allowing the viewers access to places generally hidden from the human eye.

Congratulations to the team of Altayfilm and nautilusfilm!

Going Nuts - Tales from the Squirrel World The Meadow - Paradise Lost?