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The Otter takes home a Jackson Wild award

7 March 2022

What a great start into the award season of 2022.

We're happy to announce that The Otter - A Legend Returns is the winner of the Jackson Wild World Wildlife Day Film Showcase in the category The Web of Life: Long Form. This year's theme was Recovering Key Species for Ecosystem Restoration.

After the otter went extinct in in The Netherlands, people have worked for decades to reintroduce it. Today, the otter is making a comeback. But success is fragile and the perils of habitat loss, traffic and pollution prevail. Few people manage to catch a glimpse of this elegant but mysterious animal. Never before has the natural behaviour of this elusive animal in the Netherlands been documented so extensively as in this award-winning 52' wildlife documentary directed by Hilco Jansma and produced by Hilco Jansma Productions in cooperation with Ispida Wildlife Productions.

The Otter - A Legend Returns