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On Thin Ice wins Jackson Wild Media Award

2 October 2020

Yesterday evening the awards ceremony of the 2020 Jackson Wild Media Awards took place virtually for the first time in its history. What is considered the nature equivalent to the Oscars®, the Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrate outstanding and innovative projects in science and nature storytelling. More than 150 international judges preselected the finalists from more than 620 entries from over 30 different countries after which an international panel of final judges selected the 2020 winners.

We are proud to announce that On Thin Ice (52' 4K) won the 2020 Jackson Wild Media Awardin the category Best Changing Planet Film – Long Form. This award goes to the film with the 'best examination of our changing planet, including human impact, the environment, sustainability and climate change'. In a time of unprecedented global environmental threats, the Jackson Wild Media Awards honour films which inspire and catalyze change through storytelling.

On Thin Ice takes a look at a region where climate change is not a theory, but the harsh reality which all local inhabitants and wildlife are confronted with. Featuring renowned scientists from all over the world, we learn about their alarming finds and the devastating threats emerging in a thawing permafrost environment: Gigantic canyons, “mega slumps”, are opening up where there used to be endless taiga forest. Enormous layers of permafrost are thawing out and revealing remains of the ancient Siberian megafauna and with it unknown ancient viruses and bacteria, which had been asleep for thousands of years. Hundreds of scary looking holes are blasting off from the deep to exhale Methane, which has 80 times stronger greenhouse effects than carbon dioxide. Rivers loose water and large dunes in dry riverbeds make parts of Central Siberia look like the Sahara. The destiny of all wildlife and the indigenous reindeer herders in the area is at stake, and so is our ecosystem as a whole. With its beautiful yet haunting images this documentary is of high relevance, especially in times of COVID-19.

On Thin Ice (52' 4K) is currently nominated at some of the most important documentary film festivals. The film already won the award for Best Science Film at the 2020 Green Screen Film Festival.

On Thin Ice