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Festival Season of 2024 starts off with three Awards!

23 April 2024

What a start into the festival season!

Cactus Hotel continues to pick up awards by winning "BEST FEATURE" at IWFF WildFest. The IWFF Judges stated:

This particular documentary really stood out to us not only within its category, but among all of the selections this year. It has it all…drama, unique wildlife, and phenomenal imagery — all woven together with great narration and storytelling.
Whether or not you think you are familiar with Saguaro cactuses and the Arizona desert, Cactus Hotel is sure to show you something you’ve never seen before. This film gives a truly unique and enthralling look at one of the most charismatic icons of the American Southwest.
Perhaps most important of all, Cactus Hotel reminded us that learning is fun, and that we live in a world where fact is oftentimes stranger…and more exciting… than fiction.

Also at IWFF, Asgeir Helgestad's new documentary, A Call from the Wild, claimed the "Sustainable Planet" award during its world premiere to a full house as well as the "People's Choice award". 

The judges' statement reads:

We recognize this film for showcasing big issues from the inside out, by embracing intimacy to tell a story of scope and creatively using contrast to evoke care.

"It is always exciting to see how the audiences will react for the first time after years of work on a film, and I am extremely satisfied that this personal story from Norway resonates with the experiences of people in the USA," commented Asgeir Helgestad. He continued to emphasize that the years to come will be extremely important for how we manage to protect nature and biodiversity in Norway and the rest of the world, and he hopes the film will support the work that civil society is already doing.

Congratulations to both teams involved! We are looking forward to an exciting festival year of 2024!

Cactus Hotel Norway - A Call from the Wild