Cactus Hotel

Nature & Wildlife 52' 2022 4K

In the wastelands of the American Southwest, a desert skyline of giants draws one’s attention. In this ‘City of Spines’, the mighty Saguaro cactus acts like a precious luxury hotel for many desert residents. With daily “check-ins” and “check-outs”, gambles, fights, sex and kills, the busy residents and part-time occupants of the desert all bring with them amazing survival skills, hunting thrills and housing ideas.

They are an unusual band of neighbours. Some fly, some crawl, some hop and a few even dance under the moonlight. And they all have one thing in common: they will cross paths at the fabulous ‘Cactus Hotel’ in the American Southwest. Let’s explore this marvelous world that is all connected to the mighty Saguaro cactus, North America’s most unique plant.

Delivery planned for beginning of 2023

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English, German, French


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