Wild Faces of the Andes

Nature & Wildlife 52' 2011 HD

The Andes are the biggest mountain range in the world. Peaks of up to 7000 metres in height, do not only offer an imposing view, but also influence the climate by being the drainage and meteorological divide. Starting in the very South of the American continent, we travel along the Andes towards the North and climb to heights of more than 5000 m on the bolivian/peruvian Altiplano. Onward, we follow the course of the water downhill to the east and arrive in the Pantanal, the biggest wetland in the world. The waterfalls of the Rio Iguazu represent the grand finale.

Extraordinary nature and animal stories – sometimes imposing and fascinating, sometimes funny or exciting – describe in a very touching way creation and fading of life and death in the spheres of the Andes.

Produced by

Marco Polo Film AG


English, German



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