The Secret World of Herbs

Destinations 5 x 44' 2016 HD

Herbs are fascinating “all-rounders”: They are fragrant, tasty, and have healing properties. Since the beginning of human history, they have inspired individuals and cultures around the world, especially through their effects – in the kitchen, laboratory, or witch’s den. This five-part series undertakes a journey of discovery through 11 countries, exploring the intriguing cultural histories surrounding the use of herbs – in the Provence, the Alps, in the Balkans, Latin America and India. We meet Ayurvedic doctors, natural healers, farmers, modern herbal fairies, and cooks – captivating story-tellers, all of them equipped with a deep understanding of the world of herbs. Elaborate aerial and time-lapse footage transports us to distant regions rich in herbs. With an avid eye, each film examines the complex processes involved in the making of tinctures, oils, and natural remedies. Whether herbs be exotic or domestic, they hold numerous stories – herbs being the seasonings of human culture.

1. In the Alps
2. In the Balkans
3. In India
4. In Provence
5. In Latin America

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English, German, French


MDR, SWR, arte, Ushuaïa

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