Nature & Wildlife, Science 3 x 43' or 1 x 52' 2022 HD

We’re just discovering that birds are more amazing than we ever imagined and this series reveals our very latest understanding of them. World leading bird scientists from UK, Europe and the US reveal their latest methods and findings. New technologies such as miniature microphones reveal a whole new world of bird communication. Miniature geolocators reveal the changing routes of migrants as they fly around drought ridden areas resulting from climate change. We now know that birds can sleep while flying; they can dream - imagine - think ahead. Each year, new fossil finds tell us more about the extraordinary story of their origins. And each year, across the world, we are losing birds, fast. Which ones are thriving and which ones are striving in this very new anthropogenic world with its fast-changing climate?

This enlightening series is created by the producer of the epic BAFTA nominated series, Attenborough’s Life of Birds, and the international 52' version is narrated by actor Dominic West.

Produced by

Spider Movies


English, French, German



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