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Two Awards for Wolf – Wanderer Without Borders at NaturVision Filmfestival

31 July 2023

One of Germany's most prestigious and inspiring festivals for nature and environmental films came to a close last week and we are proud to announce two awards for Wolf - Wanderer Without Borders.

For its orchestral music which adds its own layer to the narration, Wolf - Wanderer Without Borders was awared the Film Music Award. The jury honoured the ingenious musical style and extraordinary concept of the film in their jury statement:


In WOLF it's not just about the artistic composition of the musical score in the background - rather we experience a total work of art: a musical-cinematic idea that has been implemented here in an exceptional and excellent way and leads us to a remarkable cinematic experience.

The excellently produced, variedly orchestrated music leaves enough space for the images, but also independently takes over the emotional leadership again and again.


In an unique approach, the festival invites the international jury to choose their own extra competition category each year – if they feel it’s necessary. In 2023 the jury decided to add the category 'change of perspective - nature film told differently' and to give this very special award to Wolf - Wanderer Without Borders:


The viewer can follow a fictional life story of the wolf in modern times, told from the point of view and world of experience of the gray dogs. Defying many challenges, they return to Central Europe - to habitats that have been extremely shaped by us humans. A frightening and familiar beginning of a wolf story, an enlightening end - a film spectacle with impressive shots, masterfully edited, set to music and musically accompanied. A change of perspective that not only opens eyes, but also hearts.


Congratulations to Ispida Wildlife Productions, Cees van Kempen and his team!  

Wolf - Wanderer Without Borders