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'One in a Thousand' wins award at Matsalu Nature Film Festival

23 September 2019

Named after the Matsalu National Park in Western Estonia, each year the 'Matsalu Nature Film Festival' attracts filmmakers, photographers and nature enthusiasts young and old from all over the world. In its 17th edition the festival is now one of the most renowned nature film festivals.

This year, the jury awarded the first prize in the category 'Nature' to Jan Haft for his film 'One in A Thousand'. Jan Haft has the rare ability to tell the stories happening in the wildlife right at our doorstep in the most captivating and eye-opening way. In their statement the jury called the film a 'perfect nature film', as 'it presents an ecosystem of a temperate zone in a fascinating way. It reveals how diverse and at the same time fragile this ecosystem is due to the impact of its human neighbours.'

The title of the film refers to the fact that today only one in a thousand small water streams in Central Europe has an intact ecosystem.

One in a Thousand