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'Magical Iceland' wins Grand Prix in Graz

18 November 2019

After winning the prize of the children's jury at Darss Nature Film Festival last month, Magical Iceland now received the main prize of 'one of the most beautiful film festivals in Europe,' according to the producers of the film.

The jury of the International Mountain Film Festival Graz was deeply impressed by the beautiful film and expressed their admiration in their jury statement:

From the beginning to the end, Magical Iceland is an unforgettable feast for the eyes, captivating the audience thanks to the excitingly beautiful images of this volcanic island, with all its magnificent variety of flora and fauna. Jan Haft is truly a master at making science understandable through his fine art, and he takes us deep into the spell of this magical place. Ultimately, he invites you to better understand nature and to better protect it.

We could not agree more and congratulate the team of nautilusfilm!

Magical Iceland