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Big Awards for Creatures big and small

22 May 2023

What has been blooming this spring? Awards for films from our catalog!

At Docville Festival in Belgium Wolf – Wanderer without Borders took home the Audience Award for the Best International Documentary. 

The smallest animals shone in the biggest spotlight at the German Ökofilmtour. The renowned festival for films about nature and its conservation awarded two of its main prizes to The Marvellous Wild World of the Vegetable Garden. Not only did the audience fall in love with the film resulting in it winning the audience award, but the jury was equally enchanted by the garden creatures' life events playing out between fennel, cabbage and parsley as they wrote in their jury statement for the Horst-Stern-Prize for the Best Nature Documentary:

An incredible diversity of species settles in the home vegetable garden when the gardener leaves his poison sprayer in the shed. Here nature helps itself, and the insects perform true miracles. A film that is fun to watch with its sensational macro and slow-motion shots and that makes you want to garden like this at home on the smallest balcony or in the garden.

A film about another vital habitat won the Climate Protection Film Award at Ökofilmtour. The episode The Return of the Peatlands from our uplifting series Resurrecting Eden. Often perceived as mysterious places, this film shows the true beauty and vital importance of peat marshes. 

At the end of April eyes of the nature documentary scene turn towards the city of Abbeville for the Bird and Nature Festival, where films from our catalog were able to take home two more awards. The Prix de l'Environment went to Ode to Nature and the main prize of the festival, the Grand Prix du Festival de L'Oiseau et de la Nature, to The Marvellous Wild World of the Vegetable Garden.

What a way to start the festival season! Congratulations to all the filmmakers and their teams. 

Ode to Nature Resurrecting Eden - Human Help for Nature's Own Resilience The Marvellous Wild World of the Vegetable Garden Wolf - Wanderer Without Borders