Beautiful Italia

Destinations 9 x 26' ongoing 2021 4K

Beautiful Italia' gives an all new look and feel to the exciting history, views, culture, people, foods and wines found across the regions of Italy...all brought to you in this stunning new show!

Join Italian residents Silvia and Greg as they take you on an exciting journey, showing you the beautiful place they call home. You will discover fascinating hidden cultural treasures and destinations, not yet seen by television and presented in a way that only a knowledgeable local can find, show and explain to you. Experience all the beautiful works of art, incredible food and the warm welcoming people that makes Italy so unique.

Silvia and Greg’s adventure starts with Matera but intends to explore even more cities and regions of Italy – always with a focus on the incredible hidden gems that can found but are often overlooked. In this new age of ‘post-COVID tourism’, new territories and destinations can offer tourists and the tourism industry a way to respond to the new ways of travel that we will all need to adopt. Our wider aim with this project is to encourage people to look beyond the more established travel destinations and to explore places and more importantly, experiences, that are less likely to feature in traditional itineraries.

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RVM Broadcast, F052




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